“Over 20 years of working with children, I realized how nice and easy going they are and their viewpoints are often more accurate and more interesting than those of adults.”
–Abbas Kiarostami (Director)

We at School Cinema take children seriously and love to make inspirational and entertaining cinema for them. If you feel the same, we’d like to invite you to participate in our pitching process for films for class 11 students (16-17 year olds). If you have already made a film for us, or have been part of our previous pitching processes, you then know what to do! However, if you’re new to School Cinema, we’d first like to introduce you to this very special program for children.
School Cinema is a unique film-based learning program that combines the flair and fun of filmmaking, with matching & relevant values, ethics and life skills to create a classroom experience quite unlike any other. Short films dealing with various issues relating to children in a particular age group are matched with thought-provoking worksheets to help kids understand and internalize key learning that affect them. For more information, do visit our website at
You could also check out trailers of some of our previous films on our YouTube channel ‘School Cinema

Our films have won us national and international success over the years – such as 4 National Film Awards for ‘Chasing the Rainbow’, ‘The Finish Line’ and ‘Red Building Where the Sun Sets’. Our films have also been selected in over 125 major film festivals across the globe. This includes IFFI, International Children’s Film Festival of India, International Documentary & Short Films Festival of Kerala, TIFF Kids Festival, San Francisco International Children’s Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, LA International Children’s Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Copenhagen International Children’s Film Festival, Little Big Shots Australia, and Indian Film Festival of LA amongst others. We have also acquired award winning films such as the Oscar-nominated ‘Little Terrorist’ from Ashvin Kumar, and multi award winning ‘Heal’, from Pakistan-based filmmaker Mian Adnan Ahmad.
Our modules are mixtures of home productions and acquisitions, and we are open to any kind of film or idea. The important thing always being that we keep our audience in mind, and the motive and rationale for the film being made. This module for Class 11 (16-17 years) will consist of 10 films for students and 1 film for teachers.
If you’ve made a short film for this age group in the past or if you know of a short film that might work for this age group, do let us know. We’d love to acquire it and include it in the module if it fits our criteria.

For production of new films, the themes revolve around preparing adolescents to be individuals and interact with the real world around them. We are looking for interesting, original and creative concepts for 15 to 20 min duration films on the following topics:

Student Films

Adapting to New Environments
At this age, it is possible that students will have to face multiple changes of environment either of school/college or city or people. Some of these changes can be exciting and stimulating, but it can also be overwhelming. This film should help students overcome the difficulty of adjusting to new spaces.

Adolescence and Risk
Engaging in risky behaviour is common for adolescents. Students must be aware of the positive and negative consequences of risk-taking. A clear depiction of what could be the consequences of negative risk-taking can bring a lot of clarity to the mind of an adolescent.

Being a Change Agent
Students need to be made aware of the importance of social awareness and action. This includes not only knowledge about society in a deeper way but also listening and communication skills to interact with people and become aware of different points of view to effect positive change.

Career Paths
Students should be aware of the different paths and options available to them for their chosen career choice. They should also realize that it is normal to change careers and be open to exploration at any stage of their lives.

Coping with Stress
Adolescents must be educated about the harmful effects of internalizing daily stressors. Gaining a better understanding of how not to respond in the face of stress can lead them to consciously check themselves when they are facing difficult situations in their lives.

Caring for our Environment
The first step of environmental education is to be aware of the damage being caused to the environment. Students should not only be made aware of the dangers of unchecked environmental damage but also told about ways to overcome it and support alternative strategies.

Gender Sensitivity
This film ought to create awareness regarding gender stereotypes prevalent in the society and its consequences that can be limiting to an individual. There is always a tendency to conform to the cultural notions of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ that is propagated in subtle ways in our daily lives.

Youth Violence
Students must be encouraged to actively promote and conduct themselves in a non-violent manner and made aware of positive ways to overcome feelings of aggression which result in violent behaviour, especially at this age.

Respecting Teachers
Relationships between students and teachers have undergone a sea-change with them becoming more interactive with each other. However, students at this age can be mocking or disrespectful of a teacher's position. With this film, students should be able to understand how and why to respect teachers.

Teacher’s Film

Adolescent Relationships
The teenage period of a human’s life is probably one of the most volatile in terms of physical changes as well as thought processes. Teenagers start experimenting with relationships and discovering their sexuality. It is important for teachers to be aware of and understand these relationships in a positive manner and also make students aware of the consequences of risky sexual behaviour.

If you’re interested in making a film for us, or think you already have a film that could fit our requirements – this is the process we will be following:

1. We have created a ‘Target Audience Descriptor’ and a ‘Topics Descriptor’ for you. While the former will ensure that you understand the age group that your film will be addressing, the latter will help you understand the topics and overall themes that we are hoping to address.

To download the Target Audience Descriptor and Topics Descriptor Click here

2. For more details about the films and about the process, do read the attached FAQs for Filmmakers which can be downloaded from here.

Click here to download FAQs for Filmmakers

3. Once you have all the information, feel free to revert to us with ideas / concept notes (one-pagers). Please understand that we will try and give feedback to everyone who writes in, but it might not be possible. We will get back to you if your idea has been conceptually approved, and if we want to move forward in the discussion.

Please write in with your ideas and concepts to