Today’s kids experience a media-saturated world, from television to movies, the Internet, music, magazines, video games and more. This heavy and profound influence of media can become alarming, especially when themes of sex and violence can be commonplace. Quality media, particularly, quality films for children are few and far between.

School Cinema offers an engaging way to learn positive values, life skills and attitude to children whether they in classroom or informal settings such as after-school programs or even at home!


School Cinema movies are made to generate thinking and self-reflection. They make children probe into the deeper, more important lessons than just the surface of films.

Backed by research and feedback from children, parents, and teachers, School Cinema films are specially made to challenge the way kids think. Kids are always learning and evolving to find newer identities for themselves. Our movies—and characters—are such that kids can identify with (age, race, gender, interests, etc.) or aspire to be like!


In our experience, kids do not respond to films passively and how they learn from films is based on drilling the message over time. School Cinema films are accompanied with fun and exciting workbooks. Called My Cinema Book, each workbook is thoughtfully created to integrate valuable educational lessons and development topics.

My Cinema Book provides children with the scope of having a dialogue: with themselves, and their peers. In this way, the book attempts to engage kids with constructive analysis of the film and its messages and encourages them to use these skills in their own lives.

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School Cinema looks at replacing the conventional moral science classes, which still use books, to stress on important elements in the subject.

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School Cinema is a learning module on life-skills, values & attitudes developed through research & taught using short films & thought provoking workbooks.

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