Films are engaging precisely because of the audio-visual experience they provide. If the effect on kids is profound, it is no less on adults. Regardless of who you are in relation to a child, you can enhance their viewing experience with School Cinema.

As a parenting module, School Cinema is designed to help parents learn more about their children and the problems they have. Through the thought-provoking films, parents can reflect on becoming better parents and wards.

Through introspective worksheets designed on the message the films carry, parents are encouraged to examine the characters and situations in the films and relate to their own experiences. Parents view the films critically and think about how they can improve their relationships with children. Reading material, questionnaires, and activities are provided to enhance discussion, learning, and reflection.


Parent films also start with an objective that needs to be addressed. In addition to providing informal learning, School Cinema movies for parents act like stepping stones and deal with problems that are directly related to a child’s well-being. Through School Cinema we instil a strong confidence in parents’ capability to shape their children.


School Cinema activities are a new style of parenting distinguished by a greater focus on children. Written and compiled by experts, School Cinema parenting activities help in setting parenting goals, creating a vision for the family, and also dealing with everyday issues.

The format of the activities helps shape resolutions for challenges with children, and thus helps create a calmer environment for the whole family and strengthen your bond with your children.


School Cinema membership offers relevant, unique, and an essential way to engage, view, and contribute. Via the School Cinema Membership, you can access films and extra features otherwise unavailable.

Via our pay-per-view content, you can buy—or select—any movie from the three modules and watch it instantaneously. You can also access School Cinema using the subscription-video-on-demand that requires you pay a monthly fee to access bundled set of content included activities, games, reference videos and other interesting content.

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School Cinema looks at replacing the conventional moral science classes, which still use books, to stress on important elements in the subject.

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School Cinema is a learning module on life-skills, values & attitudes developed through research & taught using short films & thought provoking workbooks.

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