Some learning resources help break stereotype; this is more than true for films in classrooms. School Cinema programme is a powerful tool that helps learners understand and access their world via the exploration of other. As a teacher and educator, films provide the platform to reinforce critical life skill, values, and attitudes in pupils. A film empowers educators since it combines sound and the moving image.

Through School Cinema, teachers can discover elements of effective professional development and leadership that are critical for growing and supporting great teachers. Our award-winning films offer diverse perspectives, and provoke reaction and response. Discussions of the films lead to introspection, and combined with the worksheets, the School Cinema module for teachers makes a fun and insightful learning experience from watching a movie.


Film is a universal language; it is also a great ‘leveller’. Our teacher films are specially made keeping in mind the many educators who work in shaping young minds. Their problems, experiences, successes, and wisdom are portrayed through School Cinema films. One does not require any experience with film appreciation or criticism to understand, enjoy, and immerse in the School Cinema programme. Teacher films tackle real-world issues like learning problems of children, positive influence of teachers, embracing technology, being partial towards students, and other real-life issues.


Teacher activities are an extension of the learning curve. As professionals, these activities can not only be helpful in improving skill sets, but also strengthening existing skills and standards.

School Cinema activities for teachers focus on professional evolution and aims to bring about fundamental revolution in how teachers practice their trade, which in turn surges student learning in the classroom.


School Cinema membership offers relevant, unique, and an essential way to engage, view, and contribute. Via the School Cinema Membership, you can access films and extra features otherwise unavailable.

Via our pay-per-view content, you can buy—or select—any movie from the three modules and watch it instantaneously. You can also access School Cinema using the subscription-video-on-demand that requires you pay a monthly fee to access bundled set of content included activities, games, reference videos and other interesting content.

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School Cinema looks at replacing the conventional moral science classes, which still use books, to stress on important elements in the subject.

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School Cinema is a learning module on life-skills, values & attitudes developed through research & taught using short films & thought provoking workbooks.

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