School Cinema is bringing very positive changes in my child. His visual knowledge is increasing day by day. He is learning new words.

   Mr. Rajkumar Begwani, Parent, Lovely Public School, New Delhi

he concept is very innovative, interesting and meaningful. The stories selected are the best – which enlighten life. The morals and values shown truly have an impact on the child’s future.

   Mr. SM Tariq, Parent, Lovely Public School, New Delhi

School Cinema will have a paradigm shift in the field of education. This new style of teaching develops the mind, body and spirit. It involves not only teachers but parents too, which is very important and unfortunately is missing from our education system.

   Mr. Dinesh Das, Academic Coordinator, Delhi Public School, Vijaywada

School Cinema is very nice and insightful. I feel the concept is very unique as it is very entertaining as well as educative.

   Ms. Manjula Raman, Principal, Army Public School, Bengaluru

Children love the films and the workbooks. The response of the parents is equally positive. They especially responded well to the film – Beyond Belief. They said that they were not aware of how predominant sexual abuse was.

   Ms. Mamta Jaiswal, Principal, Sunbeam School, Varanasi

The students absolutely love the films. Some of them get emotional and connect very well with the films. Films like ‘Aiyyo Paaji’ were asked to play again. The issues discussed were very relevant.

   Ms. D. Anita, Teacher, Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matric Higher Secondary School, Chennai

The students wait for the School Cinema period! They get totally engrossed in the films. They get to understand various values and life skills depicted through beautiful stories and enacted wonderfully. They express their perceptions, observations and interpretations freely. The discussions give an elaborate yet precise understanding of values portrayed in the films.

   Dr. Keerti Sachdeva, Facilitator, Lilavati Podar School, Mumbai

After watching the movies, we understand the moral in that story and it teaches us good values like not to tell lies, not to be too proud, do not tease or abuse others, etc. We have fun and at the same time we learn many good manners. The workbook is also very good. It has several activities and focuses mainly on each one’s individual opinion.

   Class 6 Student, Jain International School, Bengaluru

The School Cinema stories have greatly influenced our personal lives. They have made us reflect on our faults and we have changed ourselves a lot too.

   Class 7 student, Jain International School, Bengaluru

I liked watching the (School Cinema) film ‘I Can Do It’ because it taught us that success comes only to those who work hard steadily and do not lose their self-confidence – and with the combination of two one can become an unbeatable winner.

   Jisha Sarkar, Class 6 student, Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan, Kolkata

My son simply loves School Cinema, and is highly influenced by it. He came home last week after watching the film ‘All is Well’ and told us how sorry he was for not appreciating everything that he has and has been blessed with, and for all that is being done for him by his family. The kind of character building that is so much in need now, is exactly what School Cinema is attempting to do.

   Parent, Billabong School, Bhopal

Incorporating School Cinema has actually helped us in sensitizing children towards the social issues. It has aided the teachers with interesting tools for imparting value education at the school level. The movies selected for the various grades are amusing and thought provoking while the movies for the parents and the teachers are apt and instigate self-assessment and the need to be exemplary to be able to indoctrinate values into the future generation of this country.

   Ms. J. Sujata, Secunderabad Public School, Hyderabad

I was very happy to see the children so excited about the class. The children only want School Cinema now. Implementing School Cinema was also made easy with the help of the Facilitators Manual.

   Mr. Sindhu Joseph, Coordinator, Guardian Public School, Ernakulam

The short films have an immense impact on the students. Abstract concepts come to life in the classroom and the activities and discussions are interesting and interactive. The biggest testimonial for the success of these classes is that children don’t want to miss school on School Cinema days. I am glad I decided to start school cinema in my school. It is a child-centric methodology that makes learning values an unforgettable experience. It has definitely added value to our school curriculum.

   Madhvi Chandra, Principal, Gitanjali Devshala, Hyderabad

The students of Amrita Vidyalam decided to launch a club to impart education to the needy which was inspired from School Cinema film ‘Chasing the Rainbow’.

   Virajamrita Chaitanya, Principal, Amrita Vidyalam, Mysore

School Cinema is excellent. The movies are unforgettable. It is working very well not only with students but also with teachers & parents

   Mrs. Nirmal Waddan, Principal – City International School, Pune

I find the project interesting and very relevant.

   Mr. Vineet Joshi – Chairman, CBSE

The students thoroughly enjoyed the films, and the interactive session after that was a great experience for them!

   Mrs. Sunita Sen – Principal, Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan, Kolkata

We need innovative concepts in education and this is a good step towards it. My best wishes for the project. I’m sure the children will love it.

   Mr. Neil O’Brien – Ex-Chairman, Indian School Certificate Examinations

It is a new take on life skills education, which is very essential in today’s world… The children’s conversation skills have improved remarkably…Self realization also has taken place.

   Mrs. Javeria, Teacher – Princess Esin Girl’s School, Hyderabad

Earlier I had a habit of being arrogant due to my academic status. After watching ‘Toppers’ I became helpful & polite.

   Ms.Kunjal Shah – Class VII, Lilavati Podar School, Mumbai

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