Mobile Bingo: Leap in Bingo History

The switching from playing bingo in bingo halls to playing bingo online with your computer was a great event in the history of the game of bingo. If making it easier to play for everybody, the game will only get bigger. You can play mobile bingo using your phone or tablet and anywhere you want. Mobile bingo is the next great event in the history of the game.

There are advantages and disadvantages to playing mobile bingo. The obvious advantages are being able to play anywhere and at any time. If you take a bus to and from work, you can play there. If you enjoy sitting at the park and enjoying the sunshine, you can play there. If you’re in a waiting room, you can play there. You can’t play mobile bingo in these situations if you have to play on a desktop computer or even a laptop.

Another advantage for mobile bingo is the touch screen. When seconds matter and you need to mark your card, it’s better to touch the screen with your finger rather than having to use a mouse. There’s also no scrolling necessary because the games are made especially for mobile devices.

One disadvantage though is you might get distracted during a game of bingo if you’re on the bus and need to get off or if someone talks to you at the park. Also, if you get a phone call, you need to move out of the mobile bingo window and answer the call. You also may lose your connection for some reason as data plans and cell phone reception still are not as reliable as home internet connections.

No need to worry though. Unlike poker, you don’t actually need to ‘play’ the game to still win. If you get distracted and miss a couple of calls or if you need to move away from the game, it will most like continue for you. You can win a jackpot playing mobile bingo without having to do anything.

As you can see, the advantages if you play mobile bingo on go make it a great leap in bingo history. You can now playing easier and anywhere at any time. If you’ve never played online or mobile bingo before, now is the time. It’s another great leap in the evolution of this globally popular game.