The Best Loyalty Programs for Whales and High Rollers

If you’re the type of person who gambles a few dollars here and there on the internet, then it really doesn’t matter which online casino you play at as long as it is legitimate. Sure, there are subtle differences in the best loyalty programs out there, but most of these programs were really designed with high-rollers in mind. For casual betters, it really will not make much of a difference between the various programs.

When it comes to whales and gamblers with almost unlimited bankrolls, however, the differences in casino loyalty programs are like night and day. That free $1000 per month may seem great at one online casino until you realize places like Casino Titan and WinPalace will give you almost ten times that…and we’re really just barely scratching the surface on how hard these businesses will fight for your patronage. Then again, if vacations and expensive gifts are more your thing, then you might want to check out the loyalty program over at Rushmore Online instead. They get crazy when it comes to loyalty comps and making sure that their deep-stack players are happy. Now that you know where you should be playing at, here are a few more smart tips for high rollers to get the most out of your online gaming account.

Make Demands Often

Maybe you’re not the type that likes to push people around or to make idle threats, but it is important to remember that online casinos desperately need your patronage. They truly like you because of your betting tendencies, but at the same time they are absolutely horrified that you might think of going somewhere lese to gamble. A simple phone call inquiring about loyalty rewards will often get you more comps than you could fit inside a two car garage…so be sure to keep the online casino honest and give them a call every now and then.

Bet Big Before Vacations and Time Offline

If an online casino sees an account that wagers $7,000 on Thursday, $12,000 of Friday, and $11,000 on Saturday, they quickly become used to that revenue coming into their establishment. If all of a sudden those wagers stop, you can expect a phone call from the head of customer relations with an offer that most people would drool over. Do not say that you were attending your aunt’s wedding in Italy; just tell them that you decided to take a few days off to think about other gaming options.

Play the System

Another smart tip is to use an online casino’s loyalty program against them. Let’s say that you automatically qualify for $3,000 cash-back at Casino Titan once you hit a certain plateau and you were planning on wagering about that much anyway. Go ahead and gamble like you normally would, but once you reach the next loyalty reward level then quit playing for the day. The CSR handling your account will assume that you became unmotivated by the next reward level and try to find ways to encourage your business.

Know What you Want

By deciding what you want out of a gambling loyalty system beforehand, online casinos are much more likely to create a custom program catered to your needs. What you want really doesn’t matter because they’ll do almost anything once they review your account, so do not be afraid to ask for a complimentary flight to the Bahamas or concert tickets in Brazil. If you can dream it, they’ll make it happen.

Always Start Strong

The most important thing to remember when starting a VIP account at any online casino is to bet heavy during your first few days of play. Customer service rates each of their customers based on their current monthly activity, so huge wagers over the first few days of the account makes them rate you one of their best potential customers. If you’re looking for some quick perks and rewards, bet big and appear like a much bigger whale than you really are…they’ll eat it up hook, line, and sinker.